RegEx Based Load Balanced Server Log File Paths

We have elastic scaling web servers, so for each site (we run around 100) a given site may be running on any number of servers between 2 and 10 on any given day.

We pull back the logs (IIS and Apache) in a folder structure as follows:


So at the moment we have to add a log file location per every possible server ID per site (at the moment possible but very annoying, if we move to an environment where the server naming is less predictable (e.g. cloud)) then this would be impossible.

What would be fantastic is if the entry screen allowed for some kind of pattern matching or parameterisation so that we could enter the path once for each of the cases above. (still obviously need separate entries per technology) but at least allowing total flexibility on the servername part.

So for example if we could enter a path as:
where that path would then treat ~SERVERNAME~ as * and pass that ~SERVERNAME~ portion of the real path in the Load Balanced Server name.

End result being one path entry point but allowing for any possible server name and still giving us the data we want to see split out by server name.
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