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We would like to be able to produce a Title page and custom headers and footers for the content pages that has our name and address.
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  • Michael (Official Rep) March 29, 2012 08:29
    It is possible to customize HTML reports by changing the report template. The main template file is Report.tpl, it is located in the Template subfolder of the WebLog Expert data folder (usually "C:\Program Files\WebLog Expert" under Windows XP/2003 or older and "C:\ProgramData\WebLog Expert" under Windows Vista/2008/7 or newer). If you use Windows Vista/2008/7 or newer, please note that the ProgramData folder isn't shown by default (unlike the Program Files folder), so you need to set Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders. To do it, click the Organize button on the toolbar in Windows Explorer and choose the "Folder and search options" item. Open the "View" tab and select the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" option.

    The file Report.tpl has text format so you can edit it with any text editor. After you edit the template, you should back it up because if you reinstall the program it will overwrite the file, so you'll need to restore it.
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