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I’m frustrated

Scheduled task doesn't produce report even it said the task is finished without error in the log.


I am seeing this problem with the scheduled task.
1) Created a profile - make it send the report in pdf format to a list of email
2) Add the profile to schedule task
3) View the schedule task log, the task ran as scheduled, no error shows on the log. However, I didn't receive the report in the email

4) Use the same profile - make it create the pdf report and save in the local drive (default path)
5) Repeat step 2
6) Repeat step 3, check the location where the pdf should be saved, don't see anything. Again, the log still said the task finished without error

7) Use the same profile, ran it manually. The report is produced and saved in the local drive as expected (settings)

8) use the same profile, change it to email the pdf report when done. Ran the profile manually. The report emailed out as expected.

From all the different tries, i can tell if I run the profile manually, it works fine. However, if i schedule it, it doesn't produce the report as settings. Because the log doesn't show error and just shows the task finished without error, i can't tell what went wrong.

I need help to troubleshoot this problem badly. Thanks!
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