Spider Host report shows my server IP address

Why is my IP address showing up in the Spider Host reports under GoogleBot, Bing, and other Bots? The GoogleBot IP address is listed too, but mine is also there. I am using the Enterprise version and have generated a report by Spider Host.
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  • There may be two reasons fo this problem:

    1. Your log files have incorrect format so the program gets your server address instead of visitors' addresses for some entries. You can find information on the supported log formats at http://www.weblogexpert.com/help/wlex...

    2. Your log files have correct format, but in some cases requests come to your web server from another software on this server. Such issue may occur if you use a proxy server so requests come through the server and its IP is logged instead of real IPs of visitors.

    As the report contains both IPs of your server and real IPs, maybe some logs contain correct IPs while some don't, e.g. if server settings were changed at some point during the analyzed time range. You should try to view statistics for different dates to determine if there was such change.
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