State Visitors do not sum to Country visitors.

Using WebLogExpert 7.8 with the October location database....

Most Active Countries --> US --> 219 Visitors
US States --> (only lists 7): GA, NY, CA, FL, NC, DC, NH --> 42
Cities --> (lists 16) and sums to 42.

How come I get 219 Visitors from US but not 219 from US states?
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  • There are some visitors (e.g. with IPs classified as "US Armed Forces Europe") that are shown as visitors from the the USA while no city and state information is shown for them. Percentage of such visitors is usually quite small but it seems that in your case there were more visitors from such IPs.

    If you send us IPs of the visitors or the log file you analyze, we'll provide more information on how these IPs are classified. You can send them to us at
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