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Time range doesn't match time range in log file

I have recently purchased the Enterprise Version of WebLog Expert. I have a set of logs that I am running through WebLog Expert, and generating a report from. The logs are promptly from 10/1/18 00:00:01 to 10/31/18 23:59:58. The generated report (with ‘all activity’ time range setting) initially shows a time range of 9/30/2018 17:00:03 - 10/31/2018 16:59:58.

I then changed the custom time range in the setting of the profile to be from 10/1/18 12:00:00 AM to 10/31/18 11:59:59 PM. The generated report now shows a time range of 10/1/2018 00:00:02 - 10/31/2018 16:59:58.

I then changed the time zone to offset by 5 hours, but now the report shows a time range of 10/1/2018 05:00:03 - 10/31/2018 23:59:58.

I want the time range to start at 10/1/18 00:00:01 and end at 10/31/18 23:59:58.
Please give me some pointers on how to show the accurate time range that I have specified above.
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  • The program converts the time zone from the server to the local time zone by default. If you have IIS logs, they usually use the UTC time zone themselves and are rolled according to the time in UTC. So the question is which time zone you wish to show the reports in.

    Generally it is better to just point the program to a folder with all the logs (not from the specific month only) or at least with one daily log before and one log after the time range. After it you can choose the desired time range and the report will cover all of it.
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