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Time range: how to start at a certain date and end on the most recent days as they change?

I've attempted to configure this within the profile properties -> time range tab.

I specify the start date (12/1/2014) then select 'today' as the end date. Let's say the end date is 2/15/2018, the following days of the month (2/16, 2/17, etc.) are not included in the report automatically.

So one question is if I select the 'Last n full months' would that achieve what I'm trying to do? So does the last 2 months include 12/15/2017 to 2/15/2018, then for the following days does the report advance to: 12/16/2017 to 2/16/2018, 12/17/2017 to 2/17/2018, etc.?

Otherwise, how would I be able to achieve this?
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