Trying to understand report numbers when tracking a single file download

We need to report on how many times a particular file has been downloaded. I've created a report that has an include filter on requested file "/myfilesfolder/myfile.ppt"

Summary page:
Visitor hits 53
Spider hits 121

Most Downloaded Files page:
Hits 41
Incomplete requests 1
Visitors 32

Top Hosts:
53 hits
40 visitors

1. How can a spider "hit" without downloading the file? If google comes to my site and "hits" that PPT file, why wouldn't it show up as a hit in Most Downloaded Files?

2. Why is the visitors count on Top Hosts different from Most Downloaded Files? Note that I customized Top Hosts page to include up to 50 hosts, but only 33 are listed, so I am sure I'm including them all.
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  • Michael (Official Rep) May 25, 2012 19:48
    1. Spider hits aren't counted in file download statistics by default, only visitor hits are counted. Failed requests are neither counted for download statistics as well as most other tables and charts in the "Access Statistics" category.

    2. The difference could be caused by failed requests (you can check if there are such requests in the "General Statistics" and "Errors" categories). Failed requests aren't counted for downloads by our counted for the "Top Hosts" statistics.
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