Use modification rules to match an exact character


i have the following lines in my logfiles :

/index.php page=page/view&id=130&...
/index.php page=page/view&id=30&...
/index.php page=page/view&id=30&...

and i want the number of hits for the page with the id =30

So i used the modification rule with the parameter name : id as follow :

30 = Page 30

So i should only have 2 hits in my report but i'm having 3 hits, so i guess that the tool is also looking for the number 30 found in id= 130 which is not good.

There's a way to only look for the exact caracter ex: 30 without using RegExpression ?i thought that Weblogexpert do it automaticly!

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  • Michael (Official Rep) March 14, 2014 21:19
    What data type in the table settings do you use? If it is "File name with query", you can use rules like the following:

    &id=30& = Page 30

    There are several modification rule types available. Simple rules look like String = Name. If the String is found in the value, the rule matches the value.

    However, if you wish to match the full string, you should use the wildcard or regular expression rule. E.g. you can use rule 30 $= 30 to match "30" string only, and not "130". However, in such case you also need to use the "Query parameter value" data type and set "id" (without quotes) as query parameter name to get report on this parameter, so the program will match the parameter value only and not the whole file name with query. You may also need to add an include "File" filter in the table properties to get report on page /index.php only (and not on other pages that have the id parameter).

    You can find additional information on the modification rule syntax at
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