Visitors Group by query modification rule

May i know that how to configure the report for Group by query id?
i have done the option=>Report=>Tables=>Custom=>Data=>Group by Query,
but don't know how to write modification rule.

For example i have 4 data here

and expect the result may showed in csv:
Page Visitor
page.php?id=1 3
page.php?id=2 1
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  • You don't need to use modification rules to create a report like this. You need to use the following settings in the table properties ("Data" tab):

    1. Choose "File name with query" as main data
    2. Choose "Query parameter value" as "Group by" value. Click the "Custom" button to the right of it and enter "id" (without quotes) as parameter name.

    Such way you'll get lists of file names with queries per id values.
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