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Visitors Section Not Reporting Correctly

Any idea why the visitors section when I analyze log files for a website it is reporting a very small amount of visitors? There are many ip addresses present in the log files so I can't figure it out.

Total Hits 5,417,014
Spider Hits 563,297
Average Hits per Day 257,953
Average Hits per Visitor 22384.36
Cached Requests 25,300
Failed Requests 243,800
Page Views
Total Page Views 1,204,321
Average Page Views per Day 57,348
Average Page Views per Visitor 4976.53
Total Visitors 242
Average Visitors per Day 11
Total Unique IPs 2
Total Bandwidth 85.18 GB
Spider Bandwidth 4.90 GB
Average Bandwidth per Day 4.06 GB
Average Bandwidth per Hit 16.49 KB
Average Bandwidth per Visitor 360.42 MB
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  • According to the statistics there are only two different IP addresses in your log files. Probably you use a load balancer or proxy, so its IP(s) are logged in the IP field instead of real visitor IP.

    In most cases load balancers send real visitor IP in header, and it may be logged. If you see many IPs in your logs, maybe these IPs are already logged, but the program doesn't recognize them for some reason.

    If you send a sample log from your site to us at, we'll check what could cause the issue in your case.
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