What is the difference between "Referrers" and "Referrers of Visitors"?

The report on our tracked files shows a section both for "Referrers of oursite" and "Referrers of Visitors of oursite". What is the difference between these two stats?
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  • Michael (Official Rep) May 20, 2019 18:04
    The referrers of the file show its referrers, including referrers from the analyzed site. Referrers of visitors show how visitors that accessed the file came to your site.

    E.g. if you track Page1, and a visitor came from another site to Page2 and then from it to Page1, the another site will be shown as referrer of visitor that accessed the file, and Page2 will be shown as a referrer of the file.

    External sites may be also shown in referrers of the file, if visitors came to it directly from external sites.
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