What causes cache to get cleared?

We run a report each day for "yesterday's" counts.
We bounce up against the logs from 20 very busy servers, stored in 20 different folders.
Today - it looks like something happened to the caching as we are
starting over and "re-analyzing" ALL of the logs since day 1. What can cause this? Thank you!
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  • Michael (Official Rep) March 12, 2012 15:47
    As I understand you create report on yesterday's activity only. In this case the issue probably appeared because of the Daylight Saving Time change. The program thought that modification time of log files has changed by one hour, and so probably their contents has changed too. As a result, it was necessary to re-read them as it wasn't possible to use data from the time range cache to determine which log files contain information on yesterday's activity anymore.

    You can either ignore the issue (it will appear twice per year) or use date macros to analyze daily log file for yesterday only so time range cache won't be used in this case. We'll also consider changing the way the time range cache handles DST changes.
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