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I’m confused

Where is IE??

I don't see Internet Explorer in my list of browsers in the report. I'm using log files from Amazon Cloud for the first time, and don't know how to get IE to show.

1 Firefox 9,570 4,576 22.82%
2 Google Chrome 7,638 4,371 21.80%
3 Android Browser 3,635 2,411 12.02%
4 Mobile Safari 1,872 1,693 8.44%
5 Mozilla/5.0%20(compatible;%20MSIE%209.0;%20Windows%20NT%206.1;%20WOW64;%2
0Trident/5.0) 1,373 759 3.79%
6 Opera 1,114 720 3.59%
7 Mozilla/5.0%20(compatible;%20MSIE%209.0;%20Windows%20NT%206.1;%20Trident/5.0) 1,032 625 3.12%
8 Safari 797 594 2.96%
9 AndroidDownloadManager 345 303 1.51%
10 Others 139 114 0.57%
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  • It seems that Amazon logs include %20 instead of spaces, so the strings like Mozilla/5.0%20(compatible;%20MSIE%209.0;%20Windows%20NT%206.1;%20Trident/5.0) - that are IE useragents - cannot be recognized.

    It could be possible to update the browser definition file to recognize IE even in this case, while %20 may be shown instead of spaces in other reports too (e.g. in file names if you use file names with spaces).

    Could you send us a sample log file from your site at Amazon? Our email is . We'll create a special browser definition file for you, and we'll also check if it will be possible to add support for such logs in the future versions of the program.
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