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I have been using Wen products for at least a year. I have thick, frizzy, curly, and colored hair. I have been using the fig and lavendar cleansing conditioners and even the lavendar texture balm, but my hair is still frizzy so I do use other products to control frizz and accentuate curls(e.g. Carol's Daughter Hair milk). I recently ordered the fig "set'" from QVC. Your models on QVC obviously have had their hair blow dried so their hair looks smooth and shiny. I do not blow dry my hair (I am a wash and go gal). Do you have any suggestions for another product to control my frizz? I do like how the cleansing conditioner cleans my hair,but am frustrated that my frizz is not controlled.
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  • Hello Mona!
    One thing you can do to control frizz is to increase the amount of cleansing conditioner you are using as a leave-in conditioner. Frizz is just your hair's way of saying that it needs more moisture, so if we increase the amount of leave-in conditioner you give it, the less frizz you'll have to deal with! I would also recommend looking into trying the Replenishing Treatment Mist in any scent. It is made of over 22 extracts, including the argan oil, which can be used on wet or dry hair. It INSTANTLY eliminates frizz, giving you a smooth, shiny finish.
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