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I’m thankful

From losing my straw feeling hair to loving my healthy sexy hair.

Just a praise! I had a thyroid operation in June. Lots of things went wrong. I have used an organic shampoo and conditioner for years. My hair was like straw after my surgery. (it is also falling out) I noticed an unbelievable difference after my first use. I was absolutely amazed. I have been using it for about a month now. I am not losing as much hair. I have NO split ends and it looks great. I used to HAVE to wash and style my hair every day. Now I skip a day frequently. I highly recommend the products. Wish I would have started using it a couple of years ago when I first saw it. Just didn't believe it would work. I tried it only because I figured it couldn't make my hair any worse. I love the products. Can't wait to order some of the styling products and the mask. Thank You Chaz.