God blessed me with Grandma Ressie's hairtype...

I've got very fine, dry hair. The Melissa Gilbert infomercial had me buy the Wen. First, I didn't understand it was going to be $29.95 for three months but I re-bought anyway. It turned out to the very product I had imagined wld be perfect for my hair! However, because I didn't re-buy within a certain time limit, I couldn't get the cucumber/aloe like I wanted. I've been visiting hair care on eBay n various places to try to get one bottle at a time. I'm on SSDI for a permanent handicap (TBI, car wreck) and very shamelessly I'll say, I can't afford the whole kit n kaboodle! If I had the money, if I had a job, and if pigs really did fly, well, you know. Can you help, please?
I was so excited that my hair was finally looking good and acting right, please don't make it so I'll have to give that up along with my career n ability to walk! (I told myself I'd never use that. I never have in all the 23 yrs. since accident. I'm not materialistic and I feel looks don't matter, but I guess I'm wrong. Just that one little part of me. Am I way too silly?
Lisa, 49, Maryland
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