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My Wen stopped working!! I fixed the problem by

My Wen stopped giving me great results and I was miserable! I had only used Wen for a short time when it completely stopped working. My hair was a dull, frizzy, tangled mess no matter which formula of Wen I used. It took me over a year and lots of research to finally figure out why. I spoke to two different receptionists at Chaz 's salon and although they were very kind and patient (thanks Rita!) nothing seemed to work. Eventually I figured out what it was: my hard water. My extremely hard water was to blame! The mineral buildup on my hair was keeping the Wen from doing its job. I solved the problem by doing an apple cider vinegar rinse several times until the build up was gone and then I bought a shower head filter. So if you stopped getting great results from your Wen this might be why. I just thought I would share this in case there is anyone else having this problem. Wen is so fantastic that I just couldn't give up until I figured out how to get it to "work" again.
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