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I’m Frightened disgusted

Worms in my Chocolate Caramel Bar from Whole Foods

was just reading about someone buying a product that had bugs in it, and it reminded me of a time that I was pregnant and craving chocolate! Well, I bought a chocolate bar from Whole Foods, it had caramel in it (soft caramel), I was driving out of their parking lot and I bit into it, after EATING a couple of bites, I look down into my creamy caramel and there was a WORM looking at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to die! Remember, I was pregnant and queasy, I practically got into a wreck! I immediately turned around, parked in the handicapped lane and sent my daughter in to return it. I didn't want to get my other baby at the time back out of the car and drag him back into the store. They gave me a measley $5.00 gift card. With, get this "Pictures of CHOCOLATE on it" I could have died. I can absolutely tell you that I have NEVER bought a chocolate bar there EVER Again!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I have bought some pasta there before and it had those black rice bugs in it. Contaminated my entire cabinet of food!!!!!!!! Previous to these incidents I used to spend ALOT of money there. I feel much better now that I could vent this episode to others. Thanks Angela
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  • Hi Angelakirsten,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. It sounds like you've had some truly unpleasant experiences with products you've purchased from us and we sincerely apologize.

    Although I don't have information about these specific incidents, I would like to tell you a little bit about how we handle incidents like this in general. Needless to say, we take any incidents with our products very seriously.

    As part of the development of all Private Label products our Quality Assurance Team reviews manufacturers based on their scores in third-party Food Safety and Quality audits, their history in the industry, and their implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices.

    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are set forth by the federal government and regulate the methods, equipment, facilities, and controls for producing processed foods. GMPs are used to ensure a safe food supply through standard sanitary and processing requirements.

    Our manufacturers must also pass a third-party Food Safety audit. Whole Foods Market Private Label uses this audit to review Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Standard Safety Operating Procedures (SSOPs), Pest Control, Food Safety, Allergen Handling, Recall Programs, and Finished Product Testing. These third-party Food Safety audits are continued throughout a product’s life. A manufacturer that produces higher risk products may be subject to more frequent audits to ensure that our stringent quality standards are upheld.

    If we receive a number of complaints or reported problems with a product, we work with the manufacturer to ensure that it meets the specifications established by our Product Development Team. Product specifications include defining all ingredients, allergens, formulas, nutritional values, and product testing requirements. In the event a product is found out of specification, our Quality Assurance Team works with the manufacturer to review production records, product testing results and other pertinent documentation to determine the root cause of the issue. This allows Whole Foods Market to issue a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) establishing new procedures or safety measures at the manufacturing facility.

    Our goal is to work with the manufacturer to improve procedures, upgrade where needed, and produce safe products that meet our specifications. If problems are severe, we can cease production until the corrective actions are completed. In severe cases a manufacturer is re-audited and depending on the outcome of that audit Whole Foods Market could choose to terminate the relationship with that vendor.

    Fortunately, it is extremely rare that problems exist at this level, as we generally work with vendors who are leaders in the industry. We appreciate your feedback and again, we are very sorry that you had a unsatisfactory experiences with our products. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at privatelabel.customerservice@wholefoo....


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