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How To Install Wibiya Toolbar On Ning Networks

I am noticing that several Ning Networks are having issues with their Wibiya Toolbar disappearing. I believe the main culprit is this: You need to copy/paste the new code into your Analytics Box.

Be sure to grab the new code, after the big upgrade, and replace old code in your Analytics Box (Manage/Analytics Box).
Be sure to grab the code that is specific to Ning.
Your code should only contain the following (with your account # replacing 12345):
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

If your Wibar is still not showing, you may need to refresh your Ning cache. Be sure you are signed in as Creator, and enter this URL:

Within this getsatisfaction box, if you cannot see the full line of code (links), just mouseover and right-click to see links, or copy link.
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