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How do I use Reveille hashtags?

Using Reveille hash-tags to create Backpack reminders for your Backpack calendar event is very simple and intuitive. Read this once and you'll probably have it down pat.

A valid hash-tag consists of three parts detailed below. If you hate reading and just want a few examples to get you started, well here you go.

#rem1day - 1 day prior
#REM3HRS - 3 hours prior
#Rem1wk - 1 week prior
#rEm4d - 4 days prior

Hash-tag Details
A Reveille hash tag consists of three parts.

  1. First, an indicator for Reveille to know that you've set a reminder for the calendar event. This indicator is #rem, the case is ignored so no worries about caps, use what looks best to you.

  2. Second, the number of days, weeks hours, etc that you want your reminder set before the event. (Keep in mind that the reminder cannot be created in the past, so think about that before you type something silly like #rem1year.)

  3. Third, the unit of time to set the reminder before you calendar event. This is the most challenging part of the hash tag but we've worked hard to make it really simple to use. Examples: day, wk, hr, year, min

Hash-tag unit of time options

  • minute

  • hour

  • day

  • week

  • month

  • year

We've worked hard to find every possible abbreviation that you might want to use so just use what feels natural or looks best to you.

One last example just to seem like we enjoy being thorough
If you want to receive reminders 2 days prior and 1 hour prior to Jimmy's birthday party your calendar event might look like this.

5/23 3PM Jimmy's Birthday Party at Party Planet #rem2days #rem1hr
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