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300 000 hectares of forests are on fire now. 1 million hectares of forests were burnt.

Respected President!
In Russia 100 000 hectares of forests now are blazing. 200 000 hectares have already burnt down this spring. Millions animals and birds are burning down alive.
Last year in Russia were burnt down 1 million hectares of forests. Such disgrace was never in Russia!
It occurs because 3 years ago Putin liquidated department of the State Protection of the Wood. Before, each forester supplied with the fire extinguisher, regularly bypassed the site of wood and prevented a fire. Now it is impossible, because Putin has reduced staff of foresters in 7 times. Putin gives for preventing of forest fires now 1 dollar on 30 hectares of wood a year (it in 120 times less, than in America). At the same time Russia is the richest country of the world with resources!
We should remember that the forests of Russia as well as the forests of Canada, Amazon, Malaysia uphold the atmosphere ozone layer – necessary condition for the life on Earth.

We hope you can do something to solve these problems effectually.

The President of the Noble Assembly of Saint-Petersburg
Novikov M.B.
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