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I’m sad

a baby bear in slovania may need your help

GOod day,

I ran into an article in yahoo about this brown bear in slovania. I checked the facebook page and it seems to me that the logar family who found the bear are asking for help fot the bears safety and care.
This is their post:
In the name of a teddy bear Srecko I ask for help. Express your protest to Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor (borut.pahor @; gp.kpv @, to Minister for Environment Roku Žarniću (gp.mop @ and to their Inspectorate of Environment and Spatial Planning (irsop.urad-lj @, aleksandra.velkovrh @ Request a humane and proper handling of our teddy bear. Hurry, please.

They want someone to help take care of the bear and not just leave it on the animal shelter, they're basically are not confident about how the animal shelter in Slovania would take care of MEDO SRECKO (the bears name).They are afraid that the government would merely execute the bear since, there's a legality n shooting a few brown bears in the country.

Please have someone check the bear. and please go to the facebook page to get further information.

Thank you,
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