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I’m sad

A poem for tigers, elephants, bears...

some time ago I wrote a poem concerning animal rights, inspired by things I read on your page. It tells about tigers, elephants, deers and bears. I know that deer-hunting isn't really your case as deers aren't endangered, but the poem can really go without that stanza and I just thought you might make some use from it. Here you go.

_My friend was killed_

My friend the tiger
Was killed by the people
Who enslaved his jungle,
By these shameless creatures.
He stood up for his home,
So beautiful, so lone...
And suddenly they shot him!
He was alive, when skinned,
And left was in the jungle
_Naked_ body of the tiger.

My friend the elephant
Was killed by the poachers.
Like the midnight assailants,
Like the blood-stained butchers,
Like unforgivable sins--
They cut through his skin
The color of sea at dusk,
They cut off his majestic tusks
And all deaf to his moans
They ripped out his bones,
And didn't notice his trunk
Reaching _hopelessly_ to the sky.

My friend the deer
Was killed by the hunters.
In his forest they appeared,
They took away his antlers,
They took away his pride--
And sawed off his head as he woefully cried.
And they took all his muscles to cook them in a pot,
And all that remained was just _carcass_ left to rot.

My friend the she-bear
Was also killed today.
For the babies she wanted to cover
She tried to scare them away.
Now those poor kids are dying
Because of starvation and cold
Since her lifeless body
Is so icy and _void_.

And I? I'm just a human girl
Who think of her friends in more humane way,
Who understands their loss and their pain
And knows those murders have to stop one day.
I'd like this to be known by every damn man,
But... I'm just a girl and I do what I can:

My bones to the elephant I give,
To the tiger I give my skin,
To the deer I give my muscles and head,
My warmth and milk to the little bears.

I rip off my own chest and give all me away,
But the humans--they receive my _hate_.

I am aware that the deer-hunting doesn't always look exactly as I described. I am also aware the poem itself isn't very ambitious and might contain mistakes as I'm not a native-speaker. I hope you like it nevertheless.

Ewa Bielawska, Poland
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