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About Ecological Palm Oil or sustainable palm oil

I'm founder of group Africa palm and crop based in Bénin(West Africa). We work on Ecological Palm Oil campaign that will be lauched in february 2016 on world plateform INDIEGOGO. We choose this option because we aim to invest in non-profits domains too(Ecology) but will also make profits. We also fight for environment protection and are used to supporting your initiatives, This is why we have studied this kind of palm oil that will contrubute to stop environment disasters that current palm oil causes. Our credibility recommands we ask for your organisation permission in the use of this video( to promote sustainable palm oil you're fighting for. We're used to supporting your initiatives too.
I'm available we share more. I can also meet face to face in Bénin if necessary. My email: Phone:+22994083770. Africa palm and crop and I are on twitter and facebook. You can also join our team's campaign if you're pleased!
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