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Add a rhino to the WWF logo

To temporarily replace the panda on the logo with a depiction of a rhino to draw global attention to the current plight of this iconic species that is facing complete destruction.
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) April 04, 2012 04:20
    Hello Warren

    Thank you for writing in and suggesting this idea. It's an interesting thought.

    The WWF symbol has a long history:

    Evolution of a symbol
    When some of the world’s scientists and conservationists met in 1961 to plan how to publicize the threat to wildlife and wild places and to raise funds to support conservation projects, they decided to launch the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They needed a symbol, and at the time Chi Chi, the only giant panda in the Western world, had won the hearts of all that saw her at the London Zoo in the United Kingdom. She was a rare animal, like her wild panda cousins in China, and her form and color were the ideal basis for an attractive symbol.

    Scottish naturalist Gerald Watterson made some preliminary sketches, from which Sir Peter Scott, world-renowned wildlife conservationist and painter, designed the WWF’s giant panda logo. The design of the logo has evolved over the past four decades, but the giant panda’s distinctive features remain an integral part of WWF’s treasured and unmistakable symbol. For years, the giant panda has been thought of by many Chinese as an unofficial national symbol, too. Today, WWF’s trademark is recognized not only in China but also in most countries as a universal symbol for the conservation movement itself.

    For information on how WWF is involved in protecting the rhino please see the following website and associated links

    Thank you again for your interest in the rhino and WWF.
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