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Hello my name is Aaliyah and I had paid $55 to adopt a cheetah on February 23,2016. I did receive a letter a but I didn’t receive anything else on it like I can’t find my receipt to it and I know I made the purchase. Is there away I can track when I will receive the adopted gift that I paid for?
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) April 06, 2016 03:23
    Thank you for your message and support of WWF.
    Animal Adoption programmes are run through directly through out National WWF Offices. You will need to contact your National WWF Office directly to discuss this further.
    Links to our National WWF Offices can be found at

    Links to a number of our Animal Adoption Programmes can be found at

    I hope that this helps but please do write back if you want any other information.
    All the best.
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