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Amazing Documentary film "Animals: A Parallel History"

Dear Friends,
I’d like to invite you to visit my promo trailer and campaign of the newest documentary film "Animals: A Parallel History".
This movie is the first history production in regard to animals in human civilization.
The movie has a intention to awake and renew people’s interest for animals destiny and establish lectures of animal history in all schools in world. We want to spread and promote this Big idea the lectures in schools of animal history to a world leaders and organizations, like UN, UNEP, PETA, WWF, etc. First step is to make this big movie.

We think this is one of the largest project on crowdfunding sites ever.
It’s also on

If people or companies like the project, they can pledge money on Indiegogo page to make it happen.
We sincerely appreciate if you enjoy and promote our amazing project and our idea. For the start, we could give you the space for your logo in the end credits of a movie.

Kind regards,
Stevan Zivkov Andricin
Writter and Director
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