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An obvious mistake in the article: Taiwan, China: Montane Forests

Thanks for raising the awareness of forest in Taiwan in this article:
However, being a Taiwanese, I find it very inappropriate to consider Taiwan as part of China as almost every "Taiwan" is followed by "(China)" in the article.
It's true that the relationship between Taiwan and China is seen differently by the two countries and is ambiguous for international partners. Still, this kind of conflict can be avoided just to take away all the "China"s in the article, and almost everything is still correct(only "Taiwan" doesn't mean "big winds" in Chinese.)
I was very impressed that I could choose "Taiwan" in the Country blank, which doesn't always happen, when I was trying to donate through your website. However, When I searched further to see if I could donate through local office, the information provided in this article disappointed me a lot, especially that I'm pretty sure China never takes any action to protect our forest.
I understand political issue shouldn't be a problem which disturbs your work on saving the environment, but I still hope by complaining could make some change.
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