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Appalling polices on biofuels for aviation, on forest protection and on palm oil

For years I have supported WWF.
I am not utterly appalled at what WWF is going on so called "sustainable" palm oil, on ineffective certification schemes for forest, and in supporting biofuels for aviation.

You appear to have badly lost your way and your sense of direction.

I am deciding whether to cease to pay you my annual donation, as your NGO seems to be supporting things that I am vehemently opposed to.

I do hope you have a change of heart, especially on biofuels.

The world looks to organisations like yours to give a lead, to oppose damaging schemes the intention of which is just to create profit, and to tell the speculators and financial interests when their plans are not acceptable.

You seem to have sold out.

I am hugely depressed and disappointed in you.

And other comments I have sent in have not even been acknowleged.

I am sure I can find more deserving charities to donate my money to.

Do please wake up, turn round, and get back to being the effective force for good that your supporters expect you to be.
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  • Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for writing in, we appreicate your concern.
    WWF does not give blanket support to the agrofuel industry and only supports biofuels that are environmentally and socially sustainable. They must deliver large positive energy and GHG balances over fossil fuels and addressing displacement effects that influence GHG balance, poverty and the environment.
    WWF also notes that only 5% of palm oil goes toward biofuel, and the vast majority of the crop is used as food and nutrition in countries such as China, India and Indonesia.

    While WWF does not deny that there are problems associated with the expansion of the palm oil industry, including forest clearing, habitat loss of threatened and endangered species, and disregard for the rights and interests of local communities. We also recognize that the RSPO alone will not solve these issues.

    However, WWF believes that the RSPO has the potential to help transform the palm oil sector and improve its environmental and social conditions. The RSPO has endorsed a set of principles for sustainable palm oil production that include a prohibition on the conversion of primary forests and habitats of high conservation value. WWF is working actively within the RSPO to strengthen many of its mechanisms, including improving its governance structure, strengthening its certification systems and developing a framework for both voluntary and mandatory requirements for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from the palm oil value chain.
    WWF recognizes the important watchdog role played by campaigning NGOs in criticizing certification schemes and/or exposing bad practices by companies.

    All the best,
    Mim Osterberg
    WWF Global Response Team
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  • I’m frustrated
    I too have lost faith in the WWF recently - mainly on the topic of sustainable palm oil. The RSPO is doing what for the future of the forests? There may be a lot going on behind the scenes but in my investigations as a consumer i have found so many companies boasting of their RSPO membership and yet NOT using Sustainable palm oil as far as i can see (Jordans Ryvita seem to be one in particular). All i know is that when i go to the supermarket to do my shopping - i haven't any idea what contains palm oil. I could and would like to explain my observations (complain :)) but who to? If i complain to the shop owner i get a dumb look. 90% of people i speak to haven't any idea whatsoever about palm oil and its issues or how much they are consuming per day. The word is NOT getting to the masses. If you don't get through to joe public you have lost the battle. Unless more can be done to STOP/FINE companies using and selling palm oil products (and illegally logged timber furniture) i cannot donate any more to this cause not through WWF. I am so dissapointed, and feel that the plight of the rainforest and its creatures is being used as a scare mongering tactic to get money. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE NOW OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE.
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