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Awareness campaign


First of all let me congratulate you guys for the work you do , I believe this kind of work is what really change the world.

My name is Rodrigo Molina I'm a Digital artist based in Mexico, I'm looking for some information/support.

About a month ago or so, I found an article about the Western Black Rhino Declared extint. This made an impact for me, it made me realize that I want to make something to help. Currently I'm in no position to make donations or to help in traditional ways, so, I decided to help the way I know.

I'm working on a Non- Profit Ad campaign featuring photo manipulations of vulnerable, treatened or endangered species. I'm planing a series of 6 to 8 images.

My intention is to create awareness on people about this species. The series has the title "who will be the next?"

I want to make the images visually appealing, and add the claim " Don't let me be the next..." If it is possible I would like to make the series available in different languages with the same claim.

Here is the link to the Work in progress.

In my list of animals I would like to include

Giant Panda
Blue whale
Snow leopard
Bengal Tiger
Mountain gorilla
African elephant
Red panda

However, Im having a lot of troubles finding the right photos for this project as I'm only considering those with Creative Commons License available with content to modify, adapt, or build upon

I'm looking for some orientation of where should I look. I'm also interested in some tips for giving this campaign some momentum and virality once it is finished.

I would also love to get some feedback from you guys! what do you think about? do you think visually it is getting to the point? What do you think about the claim I want to add?

Best regards Fom Mexico

Rodrigo Molina.
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