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bear bile farms in China and Vietnam

Dear friends,

We know that bear bile farms still exist in China and even in Vietnam. The methods of extracting bile from bears are barbarous. We ask you help to stop the sadism. Please, do your best to stop the bear torturing.

Maybe you can give us a piece of advice how we can help you to stop the tormenting. We love animals and we are against the torturing.

Sincerely, Sophia
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  • Thank you for your message and concern about Illegal Wildlife Trade, especially bear bile farms.
    For information on WWFs work in this area as well as further contact details including TRAFFIC,  the wildlife trademonitoring network which works to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature, please see the following websites and associated links

    As this is being managed by TRAFFIC they are the best contact for this issue

    Hope this helps and al the best
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