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I’m sad & angry

Boicot japanese commerce may save the Whales & Dolphins

The most effective way to stop walling and dolphin killing by Japan (also Denmark) is a boicot. Don't buy products made in Japan or Denmark. Together we can, if a campaign via Internet was made, it is possible that hundred of thousands people adhere to boicot. If we can't appeal to the heart of Japan gov, we must affect their pocket.
All people together has a heavy power... TOGETHER WE CAN.
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  • You shouldl take this idea to Facebook and organizations of animal protection to get more attention. I am sure the boicot with lots of publicity and negative attention to crule ways to hunt whales, dolphins and sharks and empty the seas of fish they eat is a crime against this planet and should be stopped by force if necessary. I wonder if people in Japan, Norway and Iceland care about the nature and animals. The best boicot would be to boicot all whale products, too.
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