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Bring green to Qinling mountain

Dear Sir or Madam,
We are the Green Group, a college student organization in Xi’an, China, and we have a burning passion for environment protection.
We are blessed to study at the foot of Qinling Mountains, but we are more shocked when we eye those unexpected dissatisfactions here---the ecological environment has been suffering damages caused by improper human activities. Getting close to Qingling Mountains, its original freshness is nowhere to be breathed but the repugnant yellow dusty air, its generative crystal-clearness is nowhere to be felt but the turbid waters, its primitive greenness is nowhere to be seen but the disgusting littered rubbish, and its native animal residents are nowhere to be found but the hollowness and emptiness.
It’s high time we group took actions, so we organized college students who share the same aspiration and persuasion to initiate a campaign called “Giving Thanks to Qinling Mountains”. We introduced basic data of Qinling Mountains to visitors, reminding them to take away their leftover and garbage; we distributed some cards, inviting them to join us in protecting Qinling Mountains. By launching this campaign, we aim at letting people know more about these great mountains historically and ecologically and enhancing their awareness of protecting the mountains instead of destroying them.
We had some gains, but we encountered even more difficulties. Therefore, we are writing to ask help from you. We would like to know how other parts of world's students manage to carry out their protecting activities and what kind of methods they employ. because we really want Qinling Mountains to regain its beauty, just like Apls regained its. On the other hand, we would like to ask you for more data, especially ecologic ones, about Qinling Mountains since you have been dedicating to giant panda protection in Qinling Mountains.
We would be grateful if you can help us. Thank you in advance.
We are looking forward to your letter.
Best wishes,
Green Group
June 18, 2011
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