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change of mailing address

hi, i am trying to change my mailing address with wwf, there doesn't seem to be anywhere on the site that i can do this, can you please advice? please reply me at thank you.
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  • Mim (Official Rep) September 29, 2010 08:10
    Hi Kahmun,
    WWF International does not mail or distribute merchandise to our members (as part of keeping costs down and keeping our environmental footprint small). I presume you are receiving items from your national office? If so, you will need to contact them directly, as most of our offices around the world are managed independently.
    The contact details to all our offices are found here:

    You can also update your email and other details on this page:

    I hope this helps and thanks for your support!

    Mim Osterberg
    WWF International Online Team
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