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Change the WWF logo to a Tiger

I went to the wildlife xpo in London a couple of weekends ago. The whole event was filled with the demise of the tiger in the wild. A very sad story.

It made me think of ways of helping them - and I considered what WWF was doing. Your logo of the Panda is incredibly well known and has marked the huge amounts of effort to sustain the animal. Would it be an idea to change the logo to a tiger? This could raise the awareness needed, and show the governments involved what an importance the Tiger is to their countries. I know that China uses the Panda a lot as political collateral, why can't the same be applied to the Tiger?
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  • Mim (Official Rep) November 03, 2011 12:01
    Hi Thomas,
    A great idea, nice thinking outside the square.

    In this case though, the WWF Panda logo is registered and has a whole lot of copyright/trademark legalities around it.

    However, you will probably know there has been a big tiger awareness campaign in recent times - a historic Tiger Summit was held last year, co-ordinating international efforts and the backing of the World Bank(;
    2010 was the Year of the Tiger, which WWF used to actively promote and raise awareness of the situation of tigers in the wild. Leonardo DiCaprio joined forces with WWF, donating time and money to promote - with the goal to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022 (the next Year of the Tiger).

    Thanks for your support and keep the ideas flowing,
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