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Charity Run Why Not?

I'm Not Even Sure If This Is The Right Place To Leave this Comment Hope it Is
I'm 16 I Have Been Recently And Currently
On OpenPlanetIdeas . That Ye Put Up
I Have Given Some Concepts But Now I Decided To See If I Can Help Ye On WWF
.I Have Always Believed In The Idea Of Saving The Amazon .Have Ye Ever Thought Of A Global Event Charity Run
Like The Year Of The Tiger .WWF Could Advertise This Momentum Event That Could Take Place Maybe Next Year In Spring (Just An Example)
The Event Could Take Place Maybe In Two Different Places In The World Europe,America.
With The Use Of Peer to Peer
From Door To Door Volunteer
More And More Spread Of This Huge Event
Everyone Who's Runs Have To Get A Card That They Get Sponsors
Lets Say 1MILLION People go (just example)
each Person Raised 50euro
The Amount That Would Go To Amazon,Support Everywhere Is Amazing .
I Think WWF Should Consider This Idea Just A Thought
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  • Mim (Official Rep) November 10, 2010 12:01
    Hi Luke,
    Great to see you thinking BIG and outside the square.
    A global event like this would take a lot of organising, and you may want to contact your national WWF office first, (who may be able to point you in the right direction). Find all the contact details here:

    This contact list also has the details for WWF-Brazil, WWF-Peru, WWF-Colombia and WWF-Bolivia which together manage our Amazon Program.

    Thanks for your ideas and all the best,
    Mim Osterberg
    WWF International Online Team
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