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Climate Witness Stories Broken


I'm a 7th-grade social studies teacher in St. Paul, MN. My kids have been using the Climate Witness stories for years, and we're using them for the next few days. We love them.

Unfortunately, we have been getting constant timeout issues today. We have tried a cached-version work-around, but we still can't access the witnesses easily and without timeouts coming up as we flip to other pages.

Bobak Razavi (
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) April 17, 2016 09:23

    Thank you for your message and interest in WWF's climate witness programme.
    I have passed your concerns onto our web team.
    Sometimes using a different internet platform can work better.
    Are you using the following webpages and associated links?

    I'm not sure if you are aware our Climate Witness Program program is no longer running and it was stopped over 2 years ago. 

    We do hope your students continue to enjoy the stories available.

    All the best
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