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Common Good Capitalism


You have been Nominated by The Common Good Capitalism Movement! We nominate organizations every week that we believe give priority to the common good over strictly profits.

You've been nominated because we love how your organization operates, and we want to be the catalyst that brings your good work to the public eye. You can look at your nomination at

We were inspired to nominate your organization because we believe you already give priority to the common good in a magnitude of ways - all we ask is that you simply go to our website and Publicly Declare that. This is a new movement where we are trying to mature capitalism into common good capitalism and we need the help of organizations like yours to start the momentum.

Our movement, the Common Good Capitalism Movement (CGCM), is dedicated to bringing widely publicized recognition to organizations like yours. This will, in turn, spark a global movement that will ultimately create a new form of capitalism - Common Good Capitalism.

Capitalism has taken a form such that the pursuit of financial profit dictates all actions an organization takes, despite any adverse conditions this pursuit creates for the society in which the organization operates.

So, we are on a mission to find amazing Organizations such as yours and encourage them to be the lifeblood of this movement. When Declaring as an Organization, we ask you to choose an annual contribution as a token of your commitment. You can choose whatever amount you believe not only fits the budget of your organization but reflects your support for our movement. You can also independently Declare as an Individual for no cost at all! We are trying to get as many Individuals and Organizations as possible to show that there is Common Good Capitalism in this world!

We are confident that by bringing light to the goodness that exists in organizations such as yours, we will spark a global movement that will create a paradigm shift in the layout of capitalism as we know it.

To become part of this movement, please go to our website,

Here you can Publicly Declare that your top priority is the Common Good, and profit is secondary.

This is how the movement will grow. We will seek out great organizations to join our movement, and know that they will inspire others to do the same.

So please, Join Us!

Feel free to contact me via email with any feedback, questions, or anything else you can think of!

All the best,

Vince Kozica

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