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Connect an environmental news item and an effective action via a virtual action button-ReadACT

To partner with WWF in developing the following initiative:
• We offer to assign an action button ("ReadACT") to digital media news and any other information article regarding Environmental issues.
• This button will direct readers and viewers to relevant effective actions they can take to alleviate or promote positive outcomes. A professional board of advisers recommends these actions. Moreover, readers can be directed to a professional conservation organization that will re-route the readers to various possible directions: this requires a -Ad-hoc volunteer hub.
• The relevancy of actions to a specific article is matched via a keywords matching algorithm.
• Each action taken will get "footprints-points" in correlation to the action relative effectiveness. Footprints-points will be amassed.
• Footprints-points may help earn various rewards. They may be also transferred from peer to peer as a token of appreciation for environmental activity.
• Possible rewards may be:
o Add your name to the hall of fame.
o Contribute your points to a friend.
o Join a team competition for highest score.
o Exchange your points for credits from various games.
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