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I think they should provide the contact email address too, cause I was looking at the contact, I saw only the phone number.

Mostly the student from the environment program need something like that so they could sent the email instead of calling the office, and mostly research students in Laos like to sight more the detail about the project
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) June 05, 2010 04:28
    Thank you for your concern. When a Telephone number is given as a main contact for an office it is often worth contacting them this way and asking if there is an appropriate email address you can use to contact them further.

    As you can imagine, resources are limited and have to be used wisely. Clearly, when a choice needs to be made about where resources should be channelled our offices will choose direct conservation rather than administration. Therefore, some of our smaller offices choose to provide phone numbers as they may not have the staff or resources to handle large volumes of email.

    However, you may want to try

    Nicole Frisina, Communications Officer, Greater Mekong Programme

    But please ask whether she really is the appropriate contact for students and if not, could she suggest a more appropriate contact.
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