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Cooking with minimum fuel/energy source

In Africa this idea is already in practice - at present Vuka Energy Savings in Western Cape, South Africa is implementing the idea to people concerned with the rising cost of electricity, gas, paraffin and scarcity of wood. Equipment kit for households - 1.Rocket Stove, using 75% less wood than open or ordinary fire, 2. Wonderbox and 3. Solar Stove. All available at low cost and DIY. Thinking and cooking habits need to be revisited. On waking in the morning, depending on weather, full sun - use Solar Stove. Cloudy - use minimum time on fuel source then finish cooking in Wonderbox. Mobile units or information hubs will
provide on-going demonstrations, recipes, support to enable householders to use the new technologies.
For dissemination in rural areas and in crowded shackland areas would also minimise risk of fires due to reduced time of caring for open fires.
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