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I’m hopeful

Counterintuitive way to save the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

It is time to address the system - Tuna Tragedy of the Commons. Relinquish the race to the bottom. Give stewardship of the Bluefin to the Japanese. They prize the most and drive the market. Make them accountable for the future of the Bluefin by releasing control. Promote intrinsic responsibility. They have the most to lose and would feel shame as they value honor and duty. Give up the race. It is a systems approach. Imagine if wildlife care was accountable to those who valued its trade. Instead of fighting the Canadians over Polar Bear, offer surrender to their care. Think about it. What we are doing is not working. A counterintuitive approach is needed. Imagine a UN/NGO brokered agreement where each and every country became steward to the one they hunt the most.
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