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define your terms please

For those of us new to this subject, it might be nice if you explained what CSPO and RSPO mean. Reading the score cards is useless without this information. I gather that RSPO is what you are aiming for, but I'm not positive. And those who don't look beyond the score card might never figure it out.
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) July 14, 2012 09:49
    Thank you for your comment and interest in WWF and the score card.
    Could I ask which score card you are looking at?
    I looked at the Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard 2011 and found first time the terms were used in the document they were explained.
    For your information
    CSPO = Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
    RPSO = Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

    Hope this helps.

    All the best.
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