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Desperate need for a Japan Seafood Guide

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my family will shortly be moving to Tokyo, and have been searching through the internet for a Sustainable Seafood Guide, but have not found any in that area. As Japan is a major consumer of seafood, I find it imperative such a guide exists.
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  • Mim (Official Rep) December 23, 2013 16:08
    Hi Rodrigo,
    Thanks for your question, we appreciate your concern.
    I had a look on our website, which lists/links to a number of sustainable seafood guides around the world, including a few in the Asia-Pacific region (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc). However, there is no specific guide for Japan:

    I suggest you get in touch with our WWF-Japan office, which may be able to help further. Their contact details are found here:

    I hope this helps, and wish your family all the best of luck for the impending move!
    WWF International
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