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Donetsk Botanical Garden (East Ukraine) needs your help

Donetsk Botanical Garden is one of the greatest gardens in Eastern Europe, a renowned plant conservation center and research institution of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Garden’s plant collections of about 8 thousand species, forms and varieties are unique. Their preservation and research at the garden have implications for healthier environments in industrial cities and conservation of rare and endangered steppe plants’ gene pools.
At present Donetsk Botanical Garden is facing an urgent problem. Kiev's anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk (south-east Ukraine) has not only made impossible our botanical garden’s activities, but also the very existence of our Garden. Like many botanical gardens all over the world, ours is a non-profit, state funded institution. Unfortunately, Ukrainian government has stopped funding state institutions located in the territories where anti-terrorist operation takes place.
Under conditions of a moderate continental climate our tropical and subtropical plant collections (3 thousand species, forms and varieties) are grown in the glasshouses. To survive, plants need central heating in a cold season (autumn and winter). In view of the above mentioned, we can not afford utility service payments, including those for consumed electricity, gas and water. Glasshouse plants won’t be able to endure winter frosts even for three days without heating. It would have such catastrophic consequences as plants losses.
We would be grateful for your valuable help in advising which donating organizations we can apply for financial support in view of the humanitarian crisis in Donbass.
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