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Donsol is not eco tourism!

I visited Donsol, Philippines today and the guides are not following the interaction rules. Many tourists were in the water at once, often kicking / standing on the whalesharks, I can't believe WWF is supportive of this. The video says this is an eco tourism project and the only place in the world to do this. This is also incorrect as I did the tour in mexico and they manage the experience much better - allowing less people at a time and enforcing strict interaction rules. I was saddened and disgusted at what I saw today. Also the boats are in bad shape, old polluting engines and paint chips which cover the tourists and ultimately end up in the water and therefore the sharks food chain. The guide said they want to increase the price & number of tourists per boat next season. How can this possibly be classed as eco tourism? It is only one step away from being the horror of Oslob.
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