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I’m sad

duplicate newsletter

i'm now receiving a duplicate newsletter, I don't want to get 2, i don't really want any.
Ms. Melony Looschelders
3 Froebelstrasse
9500 Wil, FL 333087003

anyway the address is crazy.
please delete my subscriptions to the newsletter all together. thank you
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this problem
  • Hi Melony,
    WWF International, based here in Gland, does not send out printed material. Our newsletter is emailed out to those who choose to receive it. You may be on the mailing list for the WWF-Switzerland national office, based in Zurich. You would be best contacting them directly to remove your name from their list. Their contact details are:

    WWF Switzerland,
    Zurich main
    Hohlstrasse 110 8010 Zuerich
    +41 44 297 21 21
    +41 44 297 21 00


    I hope this helps
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