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Ecotourism "Short Expeditions" along old anti-poaching itineraries

My idea is to create ecotourism projects in areas where anti-poaching has been successful to sustain to provide additional livelihood opportunities for local communities.

The itineraries would follow old anti-poaching patrol routes, stay in local communities to interact with the people and exchange stories about cultural & historical heritage, and immerse the participants in the everyday lives of the community members.

These experiences could be classed as "Short Expeditions", and would involve expedition members camping in wild environments, staying in local communities in homestays, and hiking on locally made paths by foot or bicycle. The main guide would be a anti-poaching guard accompanied by local guides.

Training would have to be done with local communities on basic tourist expectations, guides would also need training.

I can provide advice and training at all levels of project design, implementation and management.

My CV is available if interested. Email me at
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