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Electronic Recycling and the Environment

I'm Andrew. I visited your site and I found it very insightful, because it promotes environmental awareness and the importance of recycling.

Anyway, I am part of this website (, which advocates electronic recycling. I hope that you visit it and maybe you can it to your index or anywhere on your site. It might help your other visitors as it did to me in understanding electronic recycling.

Just send me a message if you want more help or if you have a question.


Andrew Del Prado

PS: If you need writers for your site, I would be glad to offer my help. :)
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) May 16, 2013 22:13

    Thank you for your message and interest in WWF.
    You have reached WWF International and your electronic recycling is aimed the US market I suggest you contact our WWF-US office.
    Their contact details can be found at

    It's great that you want to work for nature conservation. To find out about employment opportunities or ways in which your skills and offer of support could be utilized, we suggest you contact any WWF office of your choice. You could either contact them directly or write a letter, including your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

    The contact details of WWF offices from all over the world are available online at

    You could also visit the jobs section on at

    You may also consider volunteering with your local WWF to get a better idea of what specifically you are interested in.
    Some volunteer work opportunities are posted on at:

    However, with regards to volunteering simply contact any WWF office that you are interested in and see what is available or how your skills can be utilised.

    All the best.
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